On Wednesday, October 27, the event “Wabco Supports Education” took place in the new Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) building in Gilsdorf, Luxembourg.

Brought to you by a special collaboration between local spare parts retailer, Klauner in Steinsel, and global parts manufacturer, Wabco, the two companies have been working together for many years to supply the local Truck, Trailer and Agricultural markets in Luxembourg.

The project this time however was to build a unique prototype agricultural trailer, using Wabco parts, Klauner’s expertise via Mr. Kurt Döhmer, and the training facilities at LTA. The collaboration makes for a unique project in the wider European market.

The prototype trailer will be equipped with the most important and also the latest models of the Wabco parts system. Secondly, the prototype building process will enable the students to learn each stage of development, from how the parts are manufactured and how Wabco in particular tirelessly works to solve transportation challenges, constantly improving technology, safety and performance.

“This has been an excellent first step for us,” said Mr. Stefaan De Clercq, Wabco Sales Representative AfterMarket Belux. ‘Wabco remains close to students, so that the technology and the expertise is transferred to the next generation.”

Mr. Kurt Döhmer of Klauner gave a presentation about the parts, the process of assembly and Klauner’s role in maintaining close relationships between global parts manufacturers such as Wabco, and the Luxembourg end-user.

“When they reached out to us to develop a prototype, we were thrilled to provide expertise and the industry relationships necessary to make this kind of collaboration possible,” said Mr. Döhmer.

Finally, after a demonstration of the work to come and the importance of the project to both the school and local economy, the students, key faculty, representatives from Klauner and Wabco enjoyed a small BBQ near the new warehouse and a privately guided tour of the incredible new building in Gilsdorf, provided by LTA staff instructor, Mr. Romain Debras and LTA President Mr. Tom Delles.

“It is no longer enough for a good technician to be technically proficient,” said Mr. Debras. “Tomorrow’s mechanics must also be updated on the latest software and use-case applications.”

“As the drive for innovation, education and digitalisation ultimately deepens, collaborations such as “Wabco Supports Education” at LTA are critical to forming the technicians of the future,” said Mr. Tom Delles, LTA Director.

The collaboration between Wabco, LTA and Klauner is a long-term relationship that forms part of Klauner’s outreach blog #MyMetier that celebrates local knowhow and international brands in the Truck & Trailer sector of Luxembourg.

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