Save Money, Time x Stress with Kuki Solutions


In 2018 Klauner decided to work with Kuki Solutions – to revolutionise the diagnostic solutions for the Luxembourg market.

Kuki Solutions is on-site, cheap, flexible, knowledgeable, friendly, multi-lingual, interdisciplinary – serving LCVs, tractor, construction, truck etc.



Kuki Solutions: Extremely efficient diagnostic and repair service to get you back on the road in no time!

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Affordable Fees

  • The majority of SMEs don’t have the capacity to carry a heavy-duty mechanic.
  • We offer you this solution – both Klauner’s inventory and experience – with cutting-edge sophistication.
  • You lease this expertise + equipment from us at a simple hourly rate (the first diagnosis is free of charge!)

We Come to You

  • Your business depends on being on the road and so we go where you are.
  • We find an answer for you to get what you need and you don’t need an expensive and time consuming trip to the shop!
  • You don’t need any additional equipment. Just give us your location – we’re on our way.

We Take Your Order

Kuki Solutions’ direct relationship to Klauner’s massive stock of inventory enables a rapid ID and order fulfilment of the part you need. Of course, you are not contractually bound to use Klauner in any way. We just hope that you do – and we believe you’ll be glad that you did.

Benefits and Services

How Kuki Solutions Works

Cost saving

We lease expertise + technical diagnostics at a per-hour rate.


We bring expertise + technical knowhow to you, wherever you are in the Greater Region.

We take your order

We get your spare part needs noticed by Klauner (or anyone else) immediately.