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A new workshop for our clients – and our team!

Klauner has always been committed to service. But we believe great external service starts first at home – with our team. The new workshop reflects klauner’s commitment to both its team and its customers. It makes us better, safer, faster.

Klauner & Partners

How the Luxembourg PME Wins. The story begins with a phone call. Charel Roemen, who often receives complex requests from his truck customisation customers, explains that his business relies on two fundamentals that only Klauner can provide.

Klauner becomes new shareholder of TEMOT!

Addressing opportunities – preparing for growth. Klauner is going digital. Inspired by our founders’ traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ strategy, we are preparing for eCommerce.

What is #MyMetier at Klauner.com?

#MyMetier is a blog about the People, Products & Places behind Luxembourg Truck & Trailer – the industry that brings you everything.

People: We tell stories about the skilled experts in our industry.

Products: We tell OEM and product-based brand stories.

Places: 65% of Klauner turnover is in Luxembourg. We tell transportation stories about the Greater Region for both local and global audiences.

Our First Collaboration: Klauner x Roemen

More Stories

Klauner x OEM

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) is European-made technology for the Truck & Trailer aftermarket. It means precision, quality and serious brand recognition for your fleet. OEM is the cornerstone of Klauner’s work. Follow our series to understand why!  

Klauner x Track & Trace

Knorr-Bremse delivers safer, better enabled braking systems for the hard-working truck, trailer, bus and agricultural specialists of the Greater Region. Klauner, your long-term partner, makes sure you get Knorr-Bremse on the road!

OEM Partner - Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul has many OEM brands such as Jurid, Beral, Moog and Champion. See how they provide our Luxembourg customers the very best in Braking, Wipers, Chassis and Aftermarket Components.

Klauner x Kuki Solutions

Klauner is one of the leading Truck & Trailer Spare Parts dealers in the Greater Region. We have extended this to include our digital diagnostics solution. Digital Solutions coming to you soon with Kuki Solutions!

OEM x Luxembourg Logistics

From Japan, China to South Korea – Luxembourg is seen as one of the best test markets in the world and an exciting new logistics hub. Discover how the cargo gets here first.  

Klauner x Multimodal mobility

Klauner participates in ‘big ideas’ about mobility, logistics and Luxembourg’s growth as a logistics destination for Europe.