History since 1953.

Klauner is the one-stop-shop for truck, bus and trailer professionals in the greater Luxembourg area. The country has about 500.000 inhabitants, 5.500 licensed trucks and 2.000 busses for a road network of about 3000 km. As a transit country whose economy is heavily reliant on the service sector, it is very important to react quickly to the customer’s demands and problems. Our market presence of almost 65 years helps us understand their daily challenges. Through our 12 daily tours through Luxembourg, Klauner is ensuring a maximum of flexibility and speed.

Every employee at Klauner speaks the 3 local languages (Luxembourgish, French and German) which enables us to strike relationships easier with people in every corner of the country. Our mobile sales team is touring Luxembourg daily to help the customer understand technical and commercial issues on his/her doorstep. We listen to their problems and look for solutions as a long term partner. We put a strong emphasis on technical expertise and choose our workforce to that end. We are passionate about what we do and proud to help the Luxembourg economy do transport better. 

Our product portfolio includes all the main suppliers that such a diverse customer base needs (e.g. Knorr-Bremse, Wabco, Haldex, Federal Mogul, SKF, BPW, SAF,…etc).


Family + Brands.

Klauner is a family. We began as a family four generations ago in 1963 and remain so today. We believe that in the age of eCommerce, low-cost entrants and globalisation, the notion of family has never been more important. Our group includes the incredible 40-strong employee family without whom we could not achieve our success; and as we go forwards, also includes the OE brands we are so honoured to represent in the Luxembourg and wider Benelux region. And whilst we maintain our traditional strengths of customer commitment, service and humility, we believe the opportunity for brand storytelling + events will be of incredible importance to our group, our stakeholders and our community in the years to come.


Greater Region.

Luxembourg is a particular market. With more than 5.5k licensed trucks, 2k busses and 3k kilometres of complex roads network, our USP has always been a word-of-mouth reputation that centres on meeting client needs at an exceptional standard of service, but also a commitment to retailing only the highest brand quality, be they parts or tools.

This reputation also rests on the quality and maintenance of our B2B fleet purchaser relationships. Every member of our team can speak the three Greater Region languages of Luxembourgish, French and German and can support our customer in the trickiest of locales at any time with one of our 12 daily truck tours. Agility, speed and mobility are essential in meeting these demands and will have to be augmented by digital platforms that ‘back-up’ our essential skills - not in any way replace them. We see this is as the most natural transition into the digital market.

But Luxembourg is also a unique ‘transit country’, at the intersection of at least three major global cultures. Primarily known for its banking services economy, Luxembourg is increasingly ranked as a leader in ICT enabled services and data storage, with Google’s recent announcement of a 1 billion EUR investment in the country and the EU headquarters of Amazon being just some indicators of the size and future scope of digital activity in this data hub. Furthermore, governmental reports suggest our working population is set to double in the coming decades. Being the essential arterial road-junction and transportation hub at the heart of Europe, home to world-class roads, repair and garage infrastructure, means that traffic pressure on the region has never been greater and is only set to grow.

Klauner must then also grow - both to meet increased demands but also to enable greater visibility of the full range of our portfolio of services, unique brand representations, SME collaborations and technical expertise on offer. Our family story is part of the Greater Region story and that we fundamentally believe makes for an exciting storytelling opportunity.



Addressing opportunities – preparing for growth. Klauner is going digital. Inspired by our founders’ traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ strategy (there is no better branding than a satisfied customer), we are preparing for eCommerce. Our strategy includes investments in a new CRM and website but also the formation of two new long-term partnerships to meet the branding and diagnostics needs of digital platforms. Above all our strategy centres on ensuring that that our traditional ‘OE Minded’ retail focus and strong customer service ethic are maintained, grown and effectively communicated to the new digital end-user - in Benelux and beyond.

We are focussing our international perspective on three core areas for 2018-19: improved technical support, a need for increased commercial branding and traffic generation. As noted, globalisation megatrends of consolidation and profit margin pressure on independent aftermarket retailers like Klauner are not only increasing, they are increasing in frequency, speed and pressure. The honour of being just recently voted a Shareholder Member of TEMOT International means that Klauner is part of a major ‘Umbrella Brand’ that enables further integration with global markets. But to successfully integrate our existing model into these ‘umbrella’ opportunities means that we must also improve our agility, digital reach and stakeholder communications.

For that reason we are preparing for eCommerce + improving out collaborative reach with content and digital storytelling, both interactive LIVE coms as well as static content for our own platforms. 


What is OEM?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer.

When referring to auto parts, OEM refers to the manufacturer of the original equipment, that is, the parts assembled and installed during the construction of a new vehicle. In contrast, aftermarketparts are those made by companies other than the OEM, which might be installed as replacements after the car comes out of the factory. For example, if Ford uses Autolitespark plugs, Exidebatteries, Bosch fuel injectors, and Ford's own engine blocks and heads when building a car, then car restorers and collectors consider those to be the OEM parts. Other-brand parts would be considered aftermarket, such as Champion spark plugs, DieHard batteries, Kinsler fuel injectors, and BMP engine blocks and heads. Many auto parts manufacturers sell parts through multiple channels, for example to car makers for installation during new-vehicle construction, to car makers for resale as automaker-branded replacement parts, and through general merchandising supply chains. Any given brand of part can be OE on some vehicle models and aftermarket on others.