PUSHING THROUGH THE BACKLOG: Getting back to work with Gérard Thein of Bonaria Frères

This week on #MYMETIER, Richard Döhmer sat down with Gérard Thein, Managing Director of Luxembourg Construction company, Bonaria Frères, to learn about how a family company with 150+ employees gets back to work and processes a major backlog of projects. Sitting outside together on the first day of the easing of health restrictions, Richard and Gérard consider the challenges of working at less than full capacity and getting back into a normal routine after the quarantine is finished.

Above all, the meeting is a friendly and social occasion to review upcoming plans and discuss shared interests, such as sponsoring Paule Kremer’s swimming career. Friends and business partners, Richard and Gérard’s respective grandfathers’ first worked with each other in the 1980s and the tradition now continues. Some four decades later, Klauner and Bonaria Frères continue to develop projects together, including Klauner’s new retail space!

Stay tuned for that story, which is coming soon on #MyMetier!

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