Part 1.

Klauner has become a leading retail supplier for Mobil products in the Luxembourg Greater Region. Klauner’s reputation for quality products, diagnostic service and retail quality is an essential part of our group’s ability to attract talent and unique brand partners.

Over the quiet days of Christmas, Klauner sat down with David Noirfalise, the Mobil Sales Representative that works in the Luxembourg Greater Region. 



Mr. Noirfalise was at Klauner to review essential information about the quality of the brand and why it is important that Klauner’s clientele of Truck and Trailer owners use this high quality product:


“The thing that truck or fleet owners should always remember is that Mobil Delvac products are fundamentally recommended by the truck constructors. So whatever truck brand you drive – they recommend this product.”- David Noirfalise

Below we have a video of an American truck owner who runs a construction company and owns 3 trucks. His main truck is the heart of his business – he and his entire team depend on it.
He only uses Mobil Delvac heavy duty products for his engine – a truck that has over 315km on the engine!


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