Klauner & Service

**We are proud to share some content from WABCO, an important Klauner retail brand for the OEM sector.     

With over 65+ years of history in the Greater Region, we know the routes, the fleets, the terrain and the weather patterns, all of which exert specific issues when it comes to correctly identifying your breakdown. 

Unlike other firms, we stock well over 1200 unique items, products, brands on site and have exclusive relationships with critical OEM parts such as WABCO, one of the world's leading brake specialists. 


Not only does Klauner offer leading parts, Klauner delivers parts to you anywhere in the Greater Region! Klauner does 12 delivery tours of the Greater Region per day, recognisable in their distinctive Klauner vans. 


We deliver to you directly on-site, or wherever else you may be in the Greater Region. Below you will see a brief photo-essay of the process we call “Digital Diagnostics & Deliveries”.


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