Klauner becomes new shareholder of TEMOT!

*Klauner has been accepted as a new shareholder of TEMOT in 2018.

**TEMOT International is a leading Strategic Value Network operating in the Automotive Aftermarket industry. It was founded in 1994 by 5 European companies and has been expanding continuously all of over the World ever since. With HQ near Düsseldorf in Germany, the organization consists today of 79 shareholders spread all over Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.


Addressing opportunities – preparing for growth. Klauner is going digital. Inspired by our founders’ traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ strategy (there is no better branding than a satisfied customer), we are preparing for eCommerce. Our strategy includes investments in a new CRM and website but also the formation of two new long-term partnerships to meet the branding and diagnostics needs of digital platforms. Above all our strategy centres on ensuring that that our traditional ‘OEM Minded’ retail focus and strong customer service ethic are maintained, grown and effectively communicated to the new digital end-user - in Benelux and beyond.

Here are some recent highlights from our work with TEMOT – as the organisation turns 25 years old this May 2019!

  • In the second issue of TEMOTWorld Insight 2018 the publishers identified three core areas of focus for 2018-19: improved technical support, a need for increased commercial branding and traffic generation.
  • The Klauner USP has always been a word-of-mouth reputation that centres on meeting client needs at an exceptional standard of service, but also a commitment to retailing only the highest brand quality, be they OEM parts or tools. 
  • Every member of our team can speak the three Greater Region languages of Luxembourgish, French and German and can support our customer in the trickiest of locales at any time with one of our 12 daily truck tours. Agility, speed and mobility are essential in meeting these demands and will have to be augmented by digital platforms that ‘back-up’ our essential skills

Klauner is thrilled to bring its core Greater Region expertise to the wider Umbrella Brand of TEMOT International!


Klauner is Digitalising to Serve Luxembourg's Unique Market.


Start Local, Think Global.

  • Migrate essential USP to newly created digital platforms (new website + social medias)
  • Integrate new CRM software for eCommerce (integrating our current stock with eShop)
  • Optimise eWarehousing, joint-procurement and data diagnostics with partner SMEs


Branding the Bigger Story.

Our industry is lit up by an incredible array of brands and personalities. This is a world filled with strong-willed people and products that drive excellence and ensure Commercial Vehicles are kept on the road and kept safe. We are thrilled to tell those brand stories.

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