How and why to use fuel additives 

Fuel additives are chemical compounds that improve the quality of the fuel or give it additional useful characteristics.

Lots of observations have shown the benefits of high-quality additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. They extend the life of the engine, to ensure the cleanliness of its parts and fuel system, to reduce exhaust toxicity and to have an excellent effect on increasing power. This is why fuel additives are considered a reasonable and inexpensive measure necessary for high-quality engine maintenance. 

There exists about 20 different chemical compositions, and manufacturers mix these compositions in various proportions to get hundreds of different additives that will serve different purposes. Major types of fuel additives and their benefits are:  

  1. Anticorrosive additives - minimize oxidation of the fuel and the amount of soot after combustion.
  2. Detergent additives - reduce the number of existing deposits in all systems contacting the fuel.
  3. Draining additives - remove water from the system, prevent gasoline from freezing during the winter.
  4. Starting additives - improve engine starting in winter, and reduce its wear.
  5. Catalyst additives - increase the octane number, reduce consumption, increase power.
  6. Universal additives - perform all of these functions. 

A very detailed study of fuel additives, their uses and benefits has been produced by the Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe and is available for download here.

Though we would really want to put an all-inclusive thing into our engine, additives are not able to be one-size-fits-all. You should choose one or a combination that solves your own vehicle issues. The good news is that, even if you decide to use the incorrect additive, it may not harm your motor. Well produced chemical compounds are made to face specific issues without causing any additional harm.

Yet, some additives can damage the sensors in the system if you use them in high quantities. Therefore, it's necessary to consult and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

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